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New Album

We are excited to announce that Alex Rivera is currently preparing for the release of his debut album, "Pide Que Hay" It will feature original compositions inspired by the album "Barretto" by Ray Barretto. The recording will feature a 2 trumpet and 1 flute horn section with a sound reminiscent of the classic era of NYC salsa.

The debut album is being produced by acclaimed producers Steve Guasch, Pedro Jesus, Victor Gamez, and Oscar Ivan Lozano. The production will include songs by the legendary songwriter Johnny Vega, Ray Torcat and Pedro Jesus. The Album will feature a rich blend of Salsa with Latin American flavor and barrio swing!

Scheduled for release in 2021, will be available on all digital platforms and for purchase on CD or Vinyl.

Oilo!!! Gozalo Parce!!

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